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Concrete industry uniting to become carbon neutral

A ‘Concrete Action for Climate’ platform has been launched nationally to help drive the industry’s journey to carbon neutral by 2050.

The concrete and cement industry, which has cut emissions proportionally by 20% over a 30-year period is seeking wider support to achieve its sustainability ambitions. The Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) and World Economic Forum announced the plans this month.

The initiative plans to unify expertise and influence from multiple key sectors including the construction industry, business, civil society, governments, and investors. It is designed to stimulate demand for sustainable materials and ensure appropriate financing and public policy is available to support the sector to achieve net-zero.

Sustainable concrete

Dinah McLeod, GCCA Chief Executive said: “Concrete is vital to the modern world and ensuring its long-term sustainability is essential. This cannot be done by industry alone, we need collaboration across the entire value chain, through policy, investment, and by working with policymakers as well as other industries.

“Through Concrete Action for Climate, we intend to build on the commitments of our industry and create lasting change – reducing the climate impacts of concrete whilst ensuring its incredible performance benefits can help build the sustainable world of tomorrow.”

The Sheehan Group supports the Concrete Action for Climate movement.

Chris Sheehan, Managing Director of the Sheehan Group, said: “Great progress has been made in improving the sustainability of concrete and cement. But the construction industry needs to fully engage with the sustainable products and solutions available to ensure we achieve our carbon neutral ambitions. The launch of Concrete Action for Climate is a positive step forward in the journey and I hope will lead to increased support and adoption of sustainable practices across the industry.”

Circular Economy

The Sheehan Group produces sustainable construction products by recycling leftover aggregate from demolition and construction sites – saving it from landfill. Construction waste is recycled at our CDE Global Advanced Recycling Plant in Oxfordshire producing high quality concrete blocks, recycled aggregate, sand and other construction materials. Our recycled concrete blocks have a lower carbon footprint compared to other products on the market.

The concrete blocks contain a minimum 75% recycled and secondary aggregates and are environmentally engineered to meet UK and European technical standards. They are durable, resilient and have a class 1 fire resistance rating.

They are freeze, frost and thaw resistant and provide a sound insulation of 45 RwdB. They are suitable for use both above and below the ground, internally and externally. They are produced in a standard finish and are suitable for locations that will not be seen.

“So much waste can be transformed into high quality products which can be used in construction,” said Chris. “Adoption of this circular driven model is key to the construction industry making real progress towards its net-zero ambitions.”

If you would like to discuss how you can adopt more sustainable construction practices and use recycled products in your projects please get in touch here.