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Why Interconnecting Concrete Blocks are Growing in Popularity 

Interconnecting concrete blocks are highly versatile and offer numerous benefits to clients. They are the perfect solution for custom storage bays, partition walls, security blocks, retaining walls and flood defences. 

We produce solid dense concrete blocks at our site in Oxfordshire for bulk orders. The products we produce are the most durable and resilient blocks on the market. They have significantly grown in popularity, particularly in the agriculture, recycling and security industries. They offer numerous benefits, here are our experts top ten: 

  1. PRICE 

Interconnecting concrete blocks are fantastic value for money, with prices starting from £70 per block. As manufactures of the product we can offer interconnecting concrete blocks direct to market at competitive prices and discounts for bulk purchases. 


Interconnecting concrete blocks are robust and are the ideal product for a partition wall, retaining wall, security blocks or storage bays. They provide all the benefits of a permanent solution, with the useful advantage of being flexible to enable walls to be reconfigured or relocated as your business needs change. 


Quick and simple to install, interconnecting concrete blocks are easy to manoeuvre and the interlocking system creates a strong formation. They do not require any groundwork or fixings, which saves you time and money. Many contractors fit more than 100m2 per day.


A further benefit of Interconnecting concrete blocks is they do not require planning permission to erect. This makes them the ideal solution for storage bays and various walls. 


Our interconnecting concrete blocks are cast in accordance with BS EN 15258:2008 and are 1500mm in length, 600mm wide x 600mm height with 10 studs. They are also available in 600mm x 600 x 600 with 4 studs and 900mm x 600mm x 600mm with 6 studs. They contain a minimum of 85% recycled material content and are environmentally engineered to meet the requirements of today’s values. The raw materials used are precisely selected for their environmental performance and the products fulfil all UK and European technical standards.

Interconnecting concrete blocks have a durable life of more than 20 years and are also frost resistant and produced with locally sourced materials under strict environmental and social legislation, for a local supply. 


Our Interconnecting concrete blocks are produced to the highest standards by our team on our site in Oxfordshire. We are one of the few companies that produce Interconnecting concrete blocks in the south east. The raw materials we use are fully traceable and the concrete is consistently assessed for accuracy, density and strength. 


Our products undergo stringent testing and are compliant with the highest safety standards. We constantly review our health and safety standards. Sheehan Haulage and Plant Hire is a member of the Concrete Society and we are H&S and FORs accredited. 


Interconnecting concrete blocks are recyclable and at the end of the blocks operational life 100% of the product can be recycled thus reducing the amount of material that is sent to landfill. 

  1. FIRE

Our Interconnecting concrete blocks have market leading fire-retardant qualities and are fire prevention certificated on Environment Agency permitted sites. It is a non-combustible material and has a slow rate of heat transfer. Interconnecting concrete blocks have grown in popularity as the solution to segregating combustible waste streams. Concrete ensures structural integrity remains, fire compartmentation is not compromised and shielding from heat can be relied upon. Because of concrete’s inherent material properties, it can be used to minimise fire risk for the lowest initial cost while requiring the least in terms of ongoing maintenance. Other materials rely on fire protection, fire safety engineering or rate of loss of combustion. 

  1. 10.SERVICE 

We produce Interconnecting concrete blocks to order in bulk and provide a delivery service. The blocks are made by our team on-site at one of our sites in Oxfordshire. 

If you would like to speak to one of our team about Interconnecting concrete blocks, please contact us, or obtain a quote here.