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The Sheehan Group’s Guide to Sustainable Aggregates

We supply a wide range of sustainable aggregates and gravels, which are suited to multiple exterior projects. 

Aggregates are highly versatile and hard-wearing making them the ideal solution for driveways, paths and decorative areas for your garden. The Sheehan Group produces fully certified sand and aggregates from our washing plant in west Oxfordshire. The recycling process washes construction, demolition and excavation waste otherwise destined for landfill to produce products of the highest quality. This process supports sustainable construction across Oxfordshire. 

Our guide provides an overview of some of the different types of aggregates available and how they can be used in your projects. 


There are various types of sand and each product is suitable for a specific type of construction or landscaping use. 

Sharp sand is a general-purpose sand and is predominantly used for a dry mix mortar to lay basic paving slabs and for bedding block paving. Mixed building sand is used for wet mortar mixes and is ideal to lay patios. 



There is a multitude of decorative gravel and shingle available to help spruce up your garden. 

Ballast is a mixture of sharp sand small stones or gravel, it is used to make concrete for various landscaping jobs from securing fence posts to shed bases. Shingle is a cost-effective solution for creating paths, driveways and borders. We produce a variety of recycled shingle which is washed and suitable for bedding, pipework and drainage. 

Gravel is ideal for driveways, paving and garden landscaping. It is easy to install and provides an attractive texture. For driveways we advise using gravel between 14mm and 20mm in size. If the gravel is too small, it will stick in your tyre groves and if it is too big you will struggle to walk on it. For paths it is advised to use 10mm or 14mm sized gravel. However, for garden beds you can choose any gravel you wish. 


We provide bagged aggregate from our site in Yarnton, Oxfordshire and can supply in bulk from only £30 per tonne. We also sell by the load, which is approximately 20 tonnes. We are also able to supply smaller bags for small projects. We provide a delivery service in Oxfordshire. If you would like to know more about our sustainable aggregates, or would like a quote, please contact us.

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