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The Sheehan Group share sustainability message far and wide

The Sheehan Group’s educational children’s book on sustainability has been shared with industry partners in the USA.

‘Captain Envirotron and the battle to save planet earth’, is a book that outlines sustainable living via the story of super-hero Captain Envirotron.

News that the book has been enjoyed by children in the USA, reached us at the Sheehan Group this week.

The book’s author Tara Sheehan, Finance Director of the Sheehan Group, met Terry Weaver of USA Gypsum at the circular Driven Economy Symposium 2018 in London. Terry took a copy of the book home and got in touch this week to share the news his grand-children had enjoyed him reading it to them.

Tara wrote the children’s book to educate youngsters the value of recycling and the Sheehan Group has donated copies to several school libraries across Oxfordshire. In the eye-catching book Captain Envirotron teaches his friends of the importance of recycling waste to save the earth’s resources for the children of tomorrow.

“It’s lovely to hear Captain Envirotron has gone Transatlantic and children are learning about sustainability in the US,” said Tara.

Formed in 1998 USA Gypsum produces agricultural gypsum products. It operates two wallboard recycling facilities in Pennsylvania. It upcycles gypsum product scraps, including plasterboard and drywall, into new gypsum products that are used for industry, garden and agricultural purposes.

“There’s so much synergy between the Sheehan Group and USA Gypsum and it’s been good sharing best practices,” said Tara.

The Sheehan Group and USA Gypsum share the same sustainability, environmental and social values. Both companies are members of the Construction & Demolition Recycling Association. Terry invited Tara and Katie Sheehan to speak about the Sheehan Group’s diversification at the CDRA Annual Meeting 2019 in New York in March.

Tara added: “As a business we took the decision to diversify what we do to become fully sustainable both as a business and environmentally. It’s a long-term strategy and while we’ve made good progress there is some way to go as we navigate ever-developing technology and planning regulations. We’re proud to have been invited to the international industry conference in New York to share our diversification journey with other businesses.”