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The Sheehan Group celebrates Earth Day and sustainable construction

The Sheehan Group today celebrates Earth Day and the sustainable construction practices that are making a difference to our environment.

Earth Day encourages people to think about how they can help to Restore Our Earth. The global #RestoreOurEarth campaign raises awareness of the climate crisis and inspires people to embrace change. Climate change is occurring at an alarming rate and has wide-ranging impacts on health, the economy and stability of our natural environment. Together we need to reduce greenhouse gases and ultimately become carbon neutral.

The construction industry is one of the biggest users of natural resources and contributors to pollution, globally. The need for change is huge. But by adopting sustainable construction practices we can reverse the tide.

Construction companies can make a difference by using renewable and recyclable resources and materials, reducing waste and energy consumption, and protecting the environment on site. Sustainable solutions are of high quality, readily available and cost effective.

Tara Sheehan, Finance Director at the Sheehan Group, said: “As life increasingly returns to normal, we have an opportunity to build back better. Addressing the climate emergency cannot wait for the next generation, we can make a difference together.

“Earth Day is an ideal opportunity to encourage positive change by focusing on natural processes, emerging green technologies and innovative thinking that can restore our ecosystems. The construction industry has the ability to make lasting changes.”

More than one billion people in almost 200 countries participate in Earth Day activities annually. The Sheehan Group provides a range of sustainable construction products and services in Oxfordshire. They include recycled aggregate, sustainable concrete blocks, sustainable ready-mix concrete, sand and interconnecting concrete blocks. We also provide recycling and muck-away services.