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Sheehan Group installs defibrillators at its sites

Sustainable construction company The Sheehan Group has installed defibrillators at its two key sites, to provide crucial support in emergency situations.

The Oxford-based business has invested in the installation of a defibrillator at its advanced recycling plants and offices in both Yarnton and Stanton Harcourt.

It installed the life-saving medical equipment to give back to its colleagues, suppliers and customers who use the sites. The devices have a user-friendly interface and clear instructions, so they can be easily operated by people with minimal medical knowledge.

Commitment to safety 

Katie Sheehan, Sales and Logistics Manager, at the Sheehan Group, said: “We are pleased to have completed the installation of the defibrillators at our key sites.

“They form part of our on-going commitment to provide a supportive, safe and secure working environment for all.

“Our hope is that a circumstance never arises when they will be needed, however, it provides support if they are ever required.”

Sustainable construction

The Sheehan Group is a family run construction company that was formed more than 40 years ago. It specialises in construction, recycling and civil engineering, focusing on major work at country homes and university buildings.

It operates an advanced recycling plant which washes construction and demolition waste, destined for landfill, turning it into high-grade reusable aggregate. It produces high quality sand, low carbon concrete blocks, recycled aggregate, ready-mixed concrete and other construction materials.

Contractors are embracing the high-grade recycled products, which have a lower carbon footprint and protects natural resources. The Sheehan Group uses some of the recycled materials in its own construction projects and sells the rest to contractors.