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Hiring Skips: Top Tips

Sheehan Haulage and Plant Hire provides skips for hire in Oxfordshire to both trade and private clients. We are experienced in hiring out skips of all sizes for briefs ranging from small domestic projects to major industrial scale clear outs. Skips represent fantastic value for money and are a convenient solution to clearing waste. 

We appreciate it can be a confusing process, especially if you have not hired a skip before, so our experts have produced a top tip guide to skip hire to help you get the most from your skip. 

  1. SIZE

Selecting the right size skip for your project is important, getting it right will save you time and money. It is better to slightly overestimate the skip size you will need, to avoid having to hire an additional skip. 

Our online ordering service provides advice on which size skip you will need for your project. Shop here.


If you have private land, such as a driveway, garden, or building site to put the skip on, then our delivery driver will advise you on the best location for you. A skip can also be left on a road, if you do not have a suitable spot off the public highway. This requires a licence in advance from your local council, the application process is simple and normally takes three to seven days to organise. Permits are valid for seven to 28 days. A skip is not allowed to block pavements and the road must be wide enough for it. We advise reserving the space on the road the day before your delivery, ideally with cones, or your own vehicle. 

It is rare to be refused a permit, especially if you are using a verified skip hire company. If you are our team are on hand to offer advice, and if the decision cannot be overturned we provide a wait and load service which will ensure your rubbish is efficiently removed. 


If you are concerned access could be problematic, please let our skip hire team know (Insert click through to contact details) and we will find a solution with you. We are vastly experienced in delivering skips to a wide variety of locations and always find an answer. 


Make sure you have a flat, sturdy location for the skip that is around 9ft wide and clear of obstructions. It helps to have some space around the skip to provide clear access to it when you begin filling it with your waste. Skips are heavy, so do not try to move it once it has been delivered.  

  1. WASTE

You can dispose of a multitude of waste in our skips. However, there are some types of hazardous waste that are harmful to the environment and are not permitted, they include: 


*Fridge Freezers 



*Light bulbs

*Plaster board

*Clinic and medical waste

*Oil, petrol and diesel


Once your skip is collected our team sort the waste into general and recyclable waste before it is disposed of. We are passionate about recycling and ensure every item of waste that can be recycled avoids landfill and is reused. 


Big and heavy items should be put in first and spread evenly across the bottom of the skip, with lighter waste on top. We advise working in group to lift heavy items into your skip. Do not overfill your skip, as it is illegal for us to take a skip away that exceeds its volume. 

Skip Hire Oxford is a service we make easy. To hire a skip in Oxfordshire visit our shop:

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