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Sheehan Group invests in wheel washing facility to help keep Oxfordshire’s roads clean

The Sheehan Group has installed an industrial wheel washing facility at its advanced recycling plant in Oxford as part of its commitment to the environment and local community.

Every lorry that visits our site at Dix Pitt, Stanton Harcourt, Oxford, now has its wheels washed prior to exiting our facility, thanks to a £50,000 investment in the MobyDick Wheel Washing System technology. The drive-through system efficiently removes dirt, mud and debris from lorries and uses water from a reservoir to ensure it is an environmentally friendly operation.

Tara Sheehan, Finance Director, said: “The wheel wash system is highly effective and ensures every lorry that visits our site leaves with clean wheels. It is another significant investment in infrastructure as part of our strategy to be as carbon neutral and environmentally friendly as possible.

“The service is for all HGV vehicles that visit our recycling plant and many visiting drivers from other companies have commented on how good it is and how grateful they are, as it saves them from doing it at the end of their shift. It means that when lorries leave our site they are free from debris which has a really positive bearing on the local roads and communities.”

MobyDick is a global leader in wheel washing technology and the system includes advanced spray technology and a water recycling module. It is a cost-effective alternative to manually operated pressure washers.