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Low carbon interlocking concrete blocks reduce emissions

The Sheehan Group’s sustainable interlocking concrete blocks contain two-thirds less concrete on average compared to traditional versions.

Concrete remains the most used material on the planet and the Global Cement and Concrete Association has pledged the concrete and cement industry will cut emissions by 20% by 2050.

Key to achieving the reduction in carbon emissions will be a stronger engagement in using sustainable products and solutions by the construction industry, including planning authorities.

Quality interlocking concrete blocks 

One such solution is low carbon interlocking concrete blocks, which are made using quality recycled aggregate via our CDE wash plant. Our concrete blocks contain a minimum 75% recycled aggregates and are environmentally engineered to meet UK and European technical standards.

The large concrete blocks are durable, resilient and have a high load bearing capacity. They have a class 1 fire resistance rating and are freeze, frost and thaw resistant. Additionally, they provide a sound insulation of 45 RwdB.

The low carbon large concrete blocks are produced at Yarnton, Oxfordshire via our concrete batching plant. Our CDE plant at Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire produces the washed and graded aggregates that are used in the production of the concrete block. They are available for delivery to sites in Oxfordshire, neighbouring counties and nationally.

High quality and sustainable  

“We believe this low-carbon product can help the concrete and cement sector reduce its emissions if it is adopted more widely,” said Chris Sheehan, Managing Director of the Sheehan Group. “Our low carbon concrete blocks are on a par with similar products made purely from concrete and contain all the performance qualities and technical standards required. By using sustainable alternatives on the market the industry can accelerate the rate of positive change towards net-zero.”

If you would like to discuss how you can utilise more sustainable construction solutions and products in your projects please get in touch here.