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Eco-Friendly Construction Solutions – Concrete Blocks

With urban development continuing apace it is vital sustainable construction methods are adopted to help sustain our environment.

Historically leftover aggregate from demolition and construction sites would be sent to landfill. But in modern times re-purposing old aggregate has proved to be highly beneficial on multiple levels.

At the Sheehan Group we recycle demolition and construction waste at our CDE Global Advanced Recycling Plant to produce recycled aggregate and associated products that meet the required industry standards. This process ensures waste taken from construction sites locally is recycled and put back into use in new projects in the region. This ‘Circular Driven Economy’ approach reduces waste going to landfill, creates high quality recycled products and reduces transportation emissions.

One associated recycled product is Sheehan Concrete Blocks. Our concrete blocks have a lower carbon footprint compared to many products on the market, while providing a high-quality structural performance.

They are constructed at our Oxfordshire recycling plant using recycled and secondary aggregate. We incorporate recycled aggregate that is produced at our recycling plant from waste sourced from construction and demolition projects locally.  Our concrete blocks contain a minimum 75% recycled and secondary aggregates and are environmentally engineered to meet UK and European technical standards. They are durable and resilient and have high load bearing capacity.

Sheehan Concrete Blocks are freeze, frost and thaw resistant and provide a sound insulation of 45 RwdB. They are suitable for use both above and below the ground, internally and externally. They are produced in a standard finish and are suitable for locations that will not be seen.

Cement has a large carbon footprint and is expensive to produce, therefore the reduction of cement used via the substitution of recycled aggregates helps counteract the negative environmental impact. As a result, recycled concrete blocks are both environmentally friendly and great value for money.

The environmental advantages of such products are becoming increasingly important, particularly considering the recent UN warnings on climate change. Research has widely indicated the construction industry accounts for 20% of global emissions. Encouragingly the use of recycled products is increasing in construction, as awareness grows. By using such products in your projects your company will help make a positive difference in supporting a continued shift towards a sustainable and environmentally responsive industry.

They are available immediately for bulk orders, with no leads times and prices start at £0.60 per block.

There are 72 blocks per pack in 100mm (4 inch) loads and 48 blocks per pack in 140mm (6inch) loads.

440mm x 215 mm x 100mm – full load on wagon and drag is 19 packs

440mm x 215 mm x 140mm – full load on wagon and drag is 21 packs

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