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Contaminated Muckaway

New for 2014 –

Sheehan now have the technology available and permit to treat contaminated soils through soil washing at our soil treatment centre.  Soil washing is a remedial technique to treat contaminated soils and generate clean aggregate for re-use. The washing process works by:

  •          removing soluble compounds/hydrocarbon from the aggregate product through physical washing. Organics are then removed from the water through treatment through activated carbon; and
  •          removing insoluble contaminants from the aggregate matrix and retaining it within the clay filter cake.


The table below sets out the waste types that can be accepted for treatment:


Permitted hazardous wastes


Waste code


13 05 01

Solids from grit chambers and oil/water separators. Contaminated grit.

13 05 02

Sludges from oil/water separators Gully emptyings, Sludge - contaminated, water/oil mixtures.

13 05 03

Interceptor sludges Gully emptyings, Oil interceptor waste, Sludge - contaminated, Sludge from settling tanks and interceptors

13 05 08

Mixtures of wastes from grit chambers and oil/water separators Contaminated grit, Grit - contaminated, Gully emptyings

15 01 07

Glass packaging

17 05 03

Soils and stones containing dangerous substances

17 05 05

Dredging spoil containing dangerous substances

17 05 07

Track ballast containing dangerous substances

19 02 05

Sludges from physio-chemical treatment

19 12 11

Other wastes from mechnical / physical treatment (soil only)


Waste acceptance and recovery is carefully controlled. Our technical local consultant, AA Environmental Limited, assist Sheehan in approving materials for treatment and verifying the resulting aggregate is suitable for re-sale. This provides a quality assured output and 99% recovery rates. 

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